CAIREN Abogados y Asesores, realize the relationship with the administration as quickly and resolve their efforts in the most comfortable way possible.

– Confection of paylips for employees 

– Updated wages according to the agreement of the activity

– Preparation and settlement of social insurance Company

– Preparation and settlement of income tax of individuals


– Preparation and presentation of high and low social security workers


– Preparation and submission of contracts


– Preparation,Presentation and settelment of high and low self


– Preparation and submission of records retiremet, widowhood and disabled


– Negotiations with social security,such as the development of reources, order and pick up all kinds of reports


– Procedures Bulletins high and low for work by illnes and accidents


Preparation of wage and withholding certificates and family situation


– Representation to the Labour Inspectorate


– Pensions and retirement


– Other services required by the client








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